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Care and Maintenaince

uPVC Windows and Doors
It is recommended that you inspect your windows or doors twice yearly for maintenance purposes.

Abrasive cleaners or solution containing corrosive solvents should not be used on uPVC products. It is recommended that surfaces are washed with solution of warm water and liquid detergent, rinsed with water and dried thoroughly.

Where window or door is exposed when open, the lubricant may be exposed to airborne debris. This should be wiped clean with particular attention paid to ensure that channels or drainage holes are not blocked.

Any moving parts fitted should be regularly dusted and kept free from dirt and grit. It is recommended that an acid free oil, silicone lubricant or Vaseline be applied to these parts on an annual basis. This will ensure a smooth action and increase the lifespan of the hardware.

Remove protective tape on uPVC window and door profiles as soon as work is completed on the house or building site. Leaving the tape on for longer than the 3 months stipulated on the tape, will result in the tape fusing on to uPVC frame. It may prove impossible to remove this tape at a later stage.

Glass may be scratched during cleaning. Make sure the cleaning cloth has not picked up any grit, remove rings from your fingers and be careful with scraping devices.
When washing glass, use a solution of water and mild detergent. Ensure that glass is rinsed free of detergent.
Remove glass labels as soon as possible following installation.

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